I am a moron

I had a pretty nice week in Boston, generally. All the Ximian guys/gals were cool (except Ian :) ). I even managed to get some actual work done. So, things were going well up until Friday. That’s when I missed my plane, because I thought it was leaving on Saturday. Ugh. I called the travel agency, and managed to get another flight out at 6:00 AM. I ended up getting to Indy around 11 or so. Then, I discover that my car’s battery is dead. Nice. Eventually, I get a jump from the parking lot dudes, and I’m on my way. Pretty tired by the time I get home, having not slept for about 30 hours. Slept the rest of the day. Have to deal with the car today, and find out what ran the battery down. I pulled a fuse to what I thought was the culprit yesterday (there is a penny in the cigarette lighter — seems a likely cause), so we’ll see how it goes.