I'm sorry, but it was funny.

I’m in Boston again. Been here since Sunday. Things have been going fairly well I suppose. It seems I am starting to get my arms around red carpet now, as I was able to fix a few things today.

A lot of other remote guys are in town too, so that’s cool. I finally got to meet Tambet and Aidan.

I fixed a small bug in nautilus yesterday. I miss hacking on it. I guess there are big plans for 2.6, though, so maybe I can get in on that if I have time. It’s really great to see medusa getting some love. I haven’t tried it out yet, but I hear Curtis Hovey has been doing great things.

I’ve totally neglected dashboard this week. I have a little patch sitting on my machine at home that fixes up the epiphany frontend and turns it into a plugin. Hopefully it won’t be too out of date when I get back next week…..

I bought “Cat’s Cradle” by Kurt Vonnegut and read it on the trip to Boston. I was only expecting to get maybe half-way done with it, but it turns out I was able to read the whole thing due to my flight(s) taking so long. In Indianapolis, we sat on the tarmac for like 45 minutes waiting for a new flight plan (apparently there was some bad weather in the original route), so I was like an hour late to JFK. At JFK, we had to wait for a flight plan again. Then, they found out they lost the captain’s luggage so we had to wait on that. When we finally got out of the terminal, we were like 46th in line for takeoff, so we slowly taxiied around for a while. During the taxi, the cabin filled with smoke due to some trivial air-conditioning snafu. Everyone freaked out and we went back to the tarmac. Two hours later, or so, we were finally in the air.

Anyway, “Cat’s Cradle” was really good. I think I’m going to get another Vonnegut to read on the way back. Anyone have a suggestion?