more wireless stuff

Spent some time today and yesterday hacking on the wireless applet some more. Now you can double-click a network to switch to it (sets the essid and gets a dhcp lease). I was thinking of what the applet should do while its in the process of switching. Getting a IP can take some time. For now, at least, I just made it insensitive with a “switching…” message.

Anyway, I finally sent a patch to Jean today (the wireless-tools maintainer) for the scanning stuff. Hopefully it’ll make it into the next wireless-tools release. It’s a shame I didn’t get this stuff done before the feature freeze….

I also spent a few minutes on recent-files stuff this week. I reverted the (unstable and unfinished) changes I made last year, and applied a patch from bugzilla that fixed some NFS file locking issues. I think by gnome 2.8, dbus will have matured and maybe we’ll be able to rewrite recent-files as a dbus service instead of the file spec we have now….