You want me to give you what?!

There is this intersection near my apartment where quite frequently there will be someone begging for money or something. Usually they have a cardboard sign with stuff like “hungry need food” on it. Now, I’m all in favor of helping people if they really need it, but today there was a guy LISTENING TO A GOD DAMN IPOD WHILE BEGGING FOR CASH. Sigh.

So, I committed my yum support to rcd today. It rules. Snapshot builds will have them soon (tomorrow morning I guess). You can simply subscribe to the ‘rcd-snaps’ channel and do a ‘rug up’ to get it. The yum support works a lot like the apt support, so you need to use something like to get access to yum repos. If people have some they would like to see in, mail me and I’ll add it.

I also committed some performance improvements that will help a lot if you’re using a large package repository like Yay.