more muine/iPod

Martin Palma has gone to the work of packaging muine-ipod and ipod-sharp for Ubuntu hoary. You can get them here.

Work progresses. I’ve still been getting used to bazaar, which I’m using for version control. Overall I really like it. I want to start learning some of the more advanced features, though.

The latest muine-ipod snapshot has support for optionally syncing only the current playlist to the iPod. I’ve been told this works pretty well for shuffle users. I still think we need some way to individually mark songs in the library for syncing (similar to what iTunes does I think?). iPod Mini users would especially benefit from this, since they probably can’t sync their entire library — and composing a playlist would just be a bit ridiculous (6gb of music in a playlist!).

Also, I sent a patch to muine-list this week that added a plugin for inotify support. It simply monitors the directories you’ve added to muine, and if something gets added/removed/changed it takes the appropriate action on the song library. I’ve wanted this kind of behavior in a music player for years, and now that inotify has come along it’s finally possible. I’ve been using rml’s inotify kernel for SuSE 9.3, and it’s working quite well. You can get the patch + plugin here.