I was in Utah last week for work. It was good to see people, put some faces with names, etc. Working from home has benefits, but it’s nice to do things in person sometimes. I was in the SuperLab, testing ZENworks (of course). It was pretty cool, and I’m quite sure I’ve never seen more computers in a single place before.

Novell SuperLab: one of a bajillion rows

Haven’t done any hacking on Muine lately. Partially, because it won’t even run for me currently (some kind of lame gtk-sharp exception). One thing I was thinking of doing, is resurrecting fer’s CD burning plugin. I don’t usually take the iPod with me in the car on short trips, and I’ve wanted an easy way to burn stuff on a CD to use there.

Enjoyed reading GUADEC-goers blogs. Maybe one of these days I’ll be able to go. If there’s another Boston summit, I should definitely try to make it to that.