photos and cover art in ipod-sharp

I’ve been working on ipod-sharp recently to add cover art and photo support. It’s nearly complete now, and I can add and remove art and photos on my video iPod. Another person has tried it successfully on his Nano, so all that’s left to test is a regular iPod Photo. There might be some issues to work out yet with the camera adaptor too. A big thanks to Larry who did the initial work and provided the scary image conversion code :)

I’ve added cover art support to Dopi in svn. It uses Cover.jpg (or cover.jpg or folder.png, etc) if one is present next to the files when you add them. I suppose one of these days I should add a crappy “track properties” window so you can view/change the cover art there.

I’ve also created a patch for Banshee to make it use the new ipod-sharp and sync cover art. To try it you’ll need ipod-sharp and libipoddevice from svn/cvs.

Oh I also converted ipod-sharp to use gmcs. Hooray for generics.