YUMier Than Bacardi

When I was in Boston last week, my cohorts and I whipped up something wonderful: a rug interface for yum. We call it ‘rum’, and it has nearly all the features of the original (used with rcd) rug. “zOMG!!! WHY?!!11”, you ask? Well, after using and working on rug/rcd/zmd for the past 3 or 4 years, we simply can’t use anything else. It’s a sickness. So what’s in it for you, the average yum user?

  • The world-renowned, award-winning, ‘search’ command

  • tilde” support (rum in foo bar ~baz), which allows you to add and remove packages at the same time

  • Easily add/remove/enable/disable repositories. Never edit a config file again!

  • Persistent package locks (known as ‘excludes’ in the yum world)

  • New commands are easily added. Just drop a python file in the appropriate place, and it is automatically added to the rum interface.

You can download RPMs for FC5-i386, FC6-i386, and SuSE 10.x-i586. For you adventurous build-from-source types, a tarball is here. Enjoy!