Why I hate Apple (still)

For a while now I’ve been getting reports of people having a strange problem using their iPod with Banshee or Dopi. There is a file on the device that we use to get things like the model number, which tells us what sort of iPod we’re dealing with. That file has been removed or set to 0 length on newer firmwares, and I was just yesterday able to reproduce it after upgrading and restoring my iPod Video. Since it wasn’t stored on the filesystem anymore, I started poking around the firmware parition, and found several copies of it there. Unfortunately it seems to appear in different places depending on the device, so I haven’t yet found a reliable way of getting that stuff out. We’ll eventually figure it out, though, and at that point things should start working again. I have a totally gross solution which runs strings(1) on the partition, but I don’t think it will come to that :)