Tangerine with Cocoa

Last weekend I spent some time porting Tangerine to Mac OS X. The actual music sharing daemon worked fine with no changes, except I had to modify the path to the xml database for the iTunes plugin. With that out of the way, I set out to create a native configuration GUI for it. I had never used Obj-C or Cocoa or anything like that before, so I thought it would be fun to learn all of that stuff. The Apple developer tools are pretty nice, and it wasn’t long before I had a semi-working preference pane. The last couple of nights I polished it up to the point where I think it’s releasable, so here we go.

Tangerine’s Preference Pane on Mac OS X

I’m not an expert on Apple interfaces, so I’d welcome input from someone who has experience with this. It looks ok to me, though. The “automatic” selection uses Spotlight to find all of your music and share it. This is the same thing it does on Linux and Windows with Beagle and Google Desktop, respectively.

Download Now!

My next post will be about my experience porting this app to Windows and Mac OS X, what they have that’s better/worse than Linux, etc.

Update: To use Tangerine you’ll need the Mono framework installed. Get it here.