Yeah, I'm a Rails fanboy now

A lot of my day job now involves working with Ruby on Rails. At first I wasn’t sure how much I would like Rails or ruby, given that I had been doing a lot of C#/C/whatever desktop work before. Not surprisingly, though, I’ve become quite addicted. The test-driven nature of development is a welcome change — most desktop apps I worked on didn’t even have tests. The Rails community has done a great job of banging automated testing into people’s heads. Almost every tutorial, book, or random blog post I’ve seen emphasizes the importance of good automated tests. Hopefully it has helped decrease the instances of ‘snorpage’, but perhaps my co-workers would disagree :)

Anyway, I love Rails so much that I’ve converted my blog from Wordpress to Enki. Enki is more of a create-your-own-blog construction kit than a turn-key solution like Wordpress. That was one of the main reasons I chose it over Typo or Mephisto — I wanted to be able to easily hack on it.

I wrote a quick and dirty script to help me import the Wordpress posts into Enki. Any fellow Enki hackers can grab it here.